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৭.পুণ্য আত্মার সংকল্প অতি শীতল সরূপ হবে , যেটা বিকারের আগুনে জলে থাকা আত্মাদেরকেও শীতল করে দেবে

Spinoza also rejects teleology, and implies the causal character alongside with an originary orientation from the universe is every little thing we come upon.

What on earth is this mysterious factor termed self-Regulate? Once we fight an urge, it looks like a demanding hard work, as if there were a homunculus in the head that physically impinged with a persistent antagonist. We talk of exerting willpower, of forcing ourselves to go to operate, of restraining ourselves and of controlling our temper, as though it have been an unruly dog.

सर्व को रिगार्ड और सत्कार देने वाली हूँ....मैं देही -अभिमानी

Even though taking a look at this aged world, they don’t see it.  They have got endless disinterest and continue to be light-weight although carrying on with their small business. They don’t waste their time gossiping. They take into account them selves to get visitors Within this planet.

2. intentional. wilful damage to home. moedswillig مُتَعَمَّد умишлен intencional úmyslný vorsätzlich bevidst εκούσιος deliberado, premeditado tahtlik تعمدى tahallinen volontaireבמזיד जाना-बूझा namjeran szándékos dengan sengaja vísvitandi intenzionale 故意の 의도적인 tyèinis, apgalvotas tīšs; apzināts niat; tujuan opzettelijkbevisst, forsettlig, overlagt umyślny ارادې intencional in­ten­­­ţionat умышленный úmyselný nameren nameran avsiktlig, uppsåtlig ซึ่งจงใจ bilerek yapılan, kasıtlı 故意的 навмисний بالارادہ cố ý 故意的

Getting a chilly tends to lower your self-control, and PMS does exactly the same. We get cranky and irritable, but it isn't that Now we have nastier impulses – It can be that our typical restraints have grown to be weakened."

I might advise this guide to anyone. "The unexamined life is not really worth living." More like the unexamined lifetime is needlessly agonizing. Help save by yourself a lot of suffering and failure. 

विष्व का मालिक हूँ ..... मैं आत्मा ताजधारी ..... तख़्तधारी .....

९.पुण्य आत्माको संकल्पमा यस्तो विशेष शक्ति छ जस्तो जन्त्र–मन्त्रद्वारा असम्भव कुरालाई सम्भव गरिदिन्छन्, त्यस्तै संकल्पको शक्तिद्वारा असम्भवलाई पनि सम्भव गर्न सक्छौ। वशीकरण महामन्त्रद्वारा वशीभूत आत्मालाई जुनकिरी(फायरफ्लाई) जस्तै उडाउन सक्छौ।

To those that can grant salvation to other souls using elevated views, to individuals who liberate souls from each calamity through their Godly authority, to those people who are regularly accumulating inside their accounts of charity as well as inspiring Other people to try and do exactly the same, to those who consistently have established views to benefit the here whole world, to this kind of most elevated and charitable souls, BapDada’s love, remembrance and namaste.

স্লোগান : ব্যার্থকে ফুল স্টপ দিয়ে দেও আর শুভ ভাবনার স্টক ফুল করো

9. Just as the magic mantra tends to make the unattainable doable, so far too the views of the pure and charitable soul have such Unique power they will make impossible points come to be possible.

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